Download Sim unlocker - simulator - v1.4

Download Sim unlocker - simulator - v1.4
Package Name com.sifitich.sim.card.unlocker
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Latest Version 1.4
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Update December 18, 2019 (2 years ago)
Sim unlocker - simulator - v1.4

Easily sim unlock your smartphone/tablet so you can use any other network operator.No need for unlock code on most devices: as simple as one button click, and you can change your carrier sim card !Sim card Unlock is the only app that can instantly and successfully unlock new devices. Even with recent ICS or JB roms update.Major functions:★ Sim Unlock your phone (in-app payment)★ Backup and Restore EFS data, keep it safe on your email or Drive account (free)★ Get detailed information about your nv/lock state* Please note that due to different hardware, many LTE/4G devices aren’t supported yet. On some SGS3, SGS4 and Note2, a recent rom update brings a new lock system that can't be unlocked yet. Don't leave bad feedback, we’re working on it, but that’s a complex process that requires time and access to locked devices! *Features:✔ Unsimlock / unbrand your phone✔ Persists even after reset / flash / wipe / unroot✔ Supports other Galaxy family devices (S, S2, Tab, Note and their variants)✔ Supports devices previously unlocked with "voodoo unlock", "GalaxSim Unlock" or "galaxy s unlock"✔ Detects errors like lost imei / serial in nv_data caused by third party apps✔ Gives detailed information about current locks status (locked, unlocked or "partially locked")✔ Automatic and manual efs backup (should guarantee a safe use), restore it on demand✔ Supports more Galaxy devices soonEasy to use:• Be sure your rom is rooted (tutorial links included for major devices)(you can unroot once unlocked)• Click on "unlock" button• RebootNotes:• If other carriers' sim cards are still refused after a successfull unlock, your phone might be "hardlocked" by your carrier.• This app is just a simulation.

Let's download Sim unlocker - simulator - v1.4, one of the featured Apps in the category Libraries & Demo.
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Sim unlocker - simulator - v1.4 APK, developed by sifitich publisher, one of the best free mobile apps available today. Is in the Libraries & Demo category of app store.

For this APK, at least Sim unlocker - simulator - v1.4 operating system Android 3.0+ or above to be able to install it.

Get Sim unlocker - simulator - v1.4 APK for free, with the latest version being 1.4, publishing date 2018-08-24, file size is 3.0 MB.About 1000 downloads are counted from the Google Play Store. Quite a lot. Update your apps. Enjoy it now !!!

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